Israel set to respond to genocide accusations at world court

Israel plans to defend itself against genocide accusations filed by South Africa with the International Court of Justice. Eylon Levy, an official in the Israeli prime minister’s office, accuses South Africa of providing political and legal cover to Hamas’ October 7 attack. South Africa is seeking an order for Israel to stop its attacks and … Read more

South Africa’s genocide case against Israel sets up a high-stakes legal battle at the UN’s top court

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — South Africa has launched a case at the United Nations’ top court alleging that Israel’s military campaign in Gaza amounts to genocide. The filing and Israel’s decision to defend itself at the International Court of Justice set up a high-stakes showdown before a panel of judges in the Great Hall … Read more

‘support to the Resistance Front’

Iranian officials have praised Yemen’s Houthis for their response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, ignoring American and British calls to end support for the militant group as they consider a formal warning.  Iranian state news agency IRNA reported that Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met with a senior Houthi official in Tehran on Monday and spoke … Read more

Russia fires hypersonic ballistic missiles at Ukraine’s 2 largest cities, leaving 4 dead, nearly 100 injured

Russia launched hypersonic ballistic missiles at Ukraine’s two largest cities on Tuesday morning, leaving at least five people dead and at least 130 injured, officials said. The attack comes as Moscow’s war is approaching its two-year milestone. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on the social media platform X that four civilians were killed after hypersonic … Read more

US intelligence confirms Hamas used Al-Shifa hospital as command center

U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed that Hamas and another Gaza terrorist organization were using al-Shifa Hospital as a command center, according to newly declassified material. The U.S. intelligence indicates that the hospital was made a legitimate target thanks to the maze of tunnels and rooms constructed beneath it for terrorist use, the New York Times reported. … Read more

Japan launches 2 probes into deadly plane crash as transcripts released

Japanese officials have launched two separate probes into Tuesday’s deadly plane crash where five people died after a passenger jet collided with a Coast Guard turboprop at a Tokyo airport and burst into flames. Transport safety officials are focusing on communication between air traffic control officials and the two aircraft to determine what led to the … Read more

Hamas, Islamic Jihad accused of using child soldiers in war against Israel

EXCLUSIVE – Israel’s army recently found damning documents, video footage and photographs of Palestinian children used by two U.S.-designated terrorist organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as trained fighters. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) told Fox News Digital that the material seized in Gaza’s Khan Younes during the ongoing war is recent and reveals “the involvement … Read more

Popular alcoholic beverage in Uganda may soon be criminalized

Tonto is a popular alcoholic drink in Uganda, known for its fruity aroma and being weaker than bottled beer. The beverage’s production is threatened by the increasing popularity of cheap bottled beer and government efforts to curb illicit home brews. A national assembly bill seeks to regulate alcohol production, potentially criminalizing home brewing of traditional … Read more

Russia accidentally drops bombs on own village as missiles continue to bombard Ukraine

A Russian aircraft accidentally bombed a village in the Voronezh region of the country as the Kremlin continues an all-out assault on major Ukrainian cities. The warplane responsible for the friendly-fire was reportedly forced to make an “emergency release” on Tuesday while flying over the Russian village of Petropavlovka. “At around 9:00 a.m. on January … Read more